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A customer testimonial is an effective form of social proof that uses the experience of previous customers to create trust between potential leads, existing clients and your business. Customer testimonials and case studies, have become a staple for marketing teams aiming to drive more business. 

People have a tendency, to choose products and services based upon recommendations over other things that may influence buying decisions. If a prospect can see customers speaking to their experiences in a video case study, they are far more likely to relate – and convert. People buy on the basis of feelings and hunches, just as much as logic and rationale. That means that creating an emotional connection with the audience can be a very effective way of building trust. 

Testimonial films can be placed on your website, or uploaded to social channels such as Youtube and Facebook. They come in many different forms and you can choose what style or tone that you would like to set.  

At Inflorescence, we work with start-ups, fast-growth businesses and established companies and our video production services can help every B2B case study shine – offering your potential new leads a firsthand account of your features and value propositions from those who have enjoyed their advantages.

We’ll help you find your voice and tell stories that build awareness, trust, and credibility for your business.

Video Testimonials in the B2B Space

- Build credibility and trust 

- Build brand awareness

- Strengthen partner & customer relationships


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Our team at Inflorescence will work as an ad hoc extension of your existing marketing team. Collaborating with you at every step, we can provide onsite filming services, remote filmed video content, and an array of other forms of content. 

Our video testimonial service is empowered by effective collaboration, and you stay in creative control of the process at every step. Why not speak with our team to get the ball rolling?

Leveraging the potential of a B2B case study video

Creating a customer case study video is a process that can be broken down into three key project elements.

Let’s go over these briefly.

Pre Production

This is the planning phase of any B2B case study video. In this part of the project, we go over what the video content aims to achieve, how best we can reflect that in a customer case study video, and how you want that video to feel, look and sound.

Over initial meetings and  calls, you can expect us to go over the following elements:

- Scripting & Questions

- Filming Logistics 

- Briefing

- Content

- Objectives for the piece 

- Key messaging 

From there, we make arrangements to speak with your customers to outline our objectives and lay the foundation for our plans. 

We will create a filming schedule that fits in with the schedules of everyone involved, and ensure everyone is kept in the loop as we go.

Filming and Production

This is the part that is usually, the most fun – although that’s not to say it isn’t taken seriously either.

Many clients enjoy the fact that a B2B case study video is an opportunity to meet clients and service providers face to face. It’s not just a fantastic time for creativity, but also a great way to deepen your connection and those all-important bonds of trust with your business partners. 

Depending on clients’ availability, filming often takes place over a day or two. The crux of the work is the interview for the customer case study video itself, followed by supporting imagery and shots – as well as b-roll capture.  We will coach speakers so that the best possible delivery can be achieved on the day of filming.

Post Production

This is where the tinkering happens – from edits and fine-tuning, to tweaking the audio mix and colour correction and grading. 

It’s technical work, but also an opportunity for you to continue working with us in perfecting your video testimonial service for the ultimate finished product.

What makes a customer case study video so effective?

It’s fair to say that today’s digital landscape is a crowded place – and with so much promotion happening via so many avenues in so many ways, cutting through that noise can be challenging.

Yet despite the effectiveness of a customer case study narrative, many companies see them as niche – underestimating their effectiveness in generating empathy, trust and rapport with your client base.

A good B2B case study can easily convert those on the fence into a lead. Yet even a customer case study video is only one of the kinds of video testimonial services to consider.

Why not create a  fireside chat in which you establish thought leadership with your industry contemporaries? Customer reviews, testimonials and fully branded content creation are well within our capabilities – get in touch today to see how we can move your project forward.

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B2B Testimonial Video

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B2B Testimonial Video


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