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We're not your typical digital marketing agency – we're here to shake things up. Forget the old-school models; we're changing the game in how we deliver, price, and execute our services. We know the digital world is a wild ride, and we're all about staying ahead and keeping it real...



We work on 3 different models, that suit all business shapes and sizes…


For small and medium-sized businesses new to online marketing, opt for hourly billing with a percentage charge on ad spend. It's cost-effective for those exploring marketing, allowing you to pay based on hours and a percentage of your ad budget. This approach is fair and budget-friendly for businesses starting their online advertising journey.


For businesses with a strong sales history, our setup is your dream team. With a £5k monthly spend, we partner to elevate your marketing. Our minimal baseline fee increases only when your campaign succeeds. We're not just a service but an extension of your team, enhancing the entire user journey. It's a win-win – you invest, we deliver, and together we create marketing magic.

Equity Share

Launching a startup? Need a marketing and funding superhero? Look no further! Tailored for startups, our deal is all about being your partners in crime from day one. No upfront fees – we're on this journey together, taking a slice of equity. Think of us as your virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), diving into every nook and cranny to ensure your business not only survives but thrives. You focus on building your dream, and we're right there with you, making things happen. Ready for the startup rollercoaster? Let's ride it together! 🚀✨

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