The way customers engage with your brand has changed, so you need to change how you engage with your customers.

Whether you're a B2B technology giant, or a boutique lifestyle brand, the customer buying process is now driven by creative, digital content. If you're not giving your audience the content they need, your brand won't be part of their conversation.

Inflorescence Media was born out of a passion to combine creative vision with intelligent strategy - with the objective of achieving high-performance results. We believe that high-end, brand-building content is the key to success in today's digital environment. We know that this powerful combination creates a unique and unified brand voice. It's essential for success across your marketing channels.

We've built our experience by working with some of the biggest names in B2B technology, B2C lifestyle, and with partner agencies and broadcasters. We apply that experience to integrate with your team, understand your brand, and deliver comprehensive work that becomes a natural extension of your business story.

But we also know that creative and strategic success needs to reflect on the bottom line. Which is why our focus is always on creating results that matter. We create, track and drive KPIs that help you understand the data and action behind your customer's journey, see the impact on awareness, engagement and sale. Our reporting demonstrates the impact of performance marketing at all levels of your business.



Jelena Micunovic

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Jelena has extensive experience managing digital campaigns for some of the biggest names in the fashion and lifestyle industries. She drives engaging campaigns and long term strategies across paid and organic channels with both a strategic and hands on approach.

Graham Skene

Content Marketing Director & Founder

Graham believes that film is one of the most powerful tools for connection and social change. It informs opinions, challenges our beliefs and the beliefs of others, and brings the most powerful stories and voices of our time to the people who need to hear them.