Case Study

The Dermatology Clinic London

Read how we worked to 4x this Healthcare provdier site traffic, featured him in high authority sites & lead sucessful replatforming project, which lead to a 100 percent increase in site visits within six months.


The London Dermatology clinic was founded by Dr.Daniel Glass in 2015, and has since grown to be one of the most reputable Dermatology clinics in the world renowned London medical district of Harley Street. Their award winning team are experts in treating all kinds of skin issues and concerns, including skin cancer, acne and eczema.


Following a challenging pandemic period, during which the London Dermatology Clinic was limited to urgent, online, and phone consultations, they approached us for assistance. Operating with a minimal marketing strategy, primarily relying on their existing organic presence, the clinic sought to enhance their SEO efforts and explore the potential of a modest investment in PPC, which had previously yielded limited success in converting patient leads.

The clinic was also in need of an urgent CRM and booking system overhaul and as a part of conversion strategy, we were tasked with reviewing existing systems, communication emails and booking process to establish if we can improve to generate more LTV for the clinic.


Google Ads 🔎

After taking over the Google Ads campaigns Inflo' looked at client data and refined the areas to target specific London postcodes to minimize serving Ads to people who are not within a targeted catchment area of the Clinic. Inflorescence looked at refining the Ad copy and keyword optimisation to ensure that the Clinic’s offering was clear to anyone who might be searching for dermatology care. Inflorescence used keyword insertion across the campaigns to make sure the Ads are more relevant to people searching for dermatology services.


We began by looking at high search volume keywords which were related to the main treatments on offer at the Clinic. The team got to work revising existing content and adding new SEO and user-friendly content for the site. We initially focused its efforts on on-page optimisation of the landing pages from the high-value treatment pages. Ongoing testing of the landing pages has meant that the bounce rates for the top landing pages have been significantly reduced. CTRs have increased along with the average time spent on pages by users.

As part of the linking strategy, the team were able to acquire high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites in the same niche by leveraging Dr Daniel Glass’s reputation as a leading expert in the field of medical dermatology.

A Local SEO strategy was also engaged to ensure that the clinic ranked well locally for keywords that showed high intent.


CRM Working as an extension of the Clinic’s marketing team Inflorescence implemented a new CRM centralised ticketing system which enabled multiple user agents to deal with new and existing patient enquiries. This speeded up the whole process of patient acquisition and significantly reduced response time to new enquiries.


✅ We have 4x-ed organic sessions to the website
✅ We have led a reptforming
✅ PPC cost per conversion down by over 49%
✅ Our client has been featured in key press outlets, Healthline, The Guardian, GetmeGiddy
✅ Clicks to the site from organic have increased by 3x
✅ Impressions have increased by 3x
✅ Over 100+ keywords moving into position 1-3



Jelena Micunovic

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Jelena has extensive experience managing digital campaigns for some of the biggest names in the fashion and lifestyle industries. She drives engaging campaigns and long term strategies across paid and organic channels with both a strategic and hands on approach.

Graham Skene

Content Marketing Director & Founder

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